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ECN team member and former teacher talks about importance of Code-ED

Code-ED Account Representative Caryn Bugarsky started out as a substitute teacher before becoming a full-time teacher on a Native American reserve in Wisconsin. Her teaching career has given her firsthand understanding of how critical it is to be able to effectively communicate within a school system.

Caryn_pic“Communication between home and school helps a teacher know a student better, which in turn helps a teacher know how to teach the student more effectively. Teachers spend eight hours with the students each day during the week; it’s important to ensure the communication lines are open and active,” Caryn said.

Now she works at Emergency Communications Network (ECN), North America’s largest provider of emergency notification systems, helping school administrators across the country improve their parent and staff communication with the Code-ED notification system. Code-ED is a comprehensive notification solution designed for educators and built on three basic principles: reliability, speed and ease of use.

Caryn worked in school districts that used a phone tree to contact staff, but that system proved to be ineffective. In Wisconsin, where snow and other severe weather becomes an issue, she recalls a time when a snow storm had shut down the school. Half of the teachers and students had already arrived by the time they had received news that school was canceled for the day. Caryn immediately called one of her coworkers, who had more than an hour-long commute to school, to let her know school was closed.

If Caryn’s school had implemented the Code-ED system, then the entire school community could have been notified within minutes. Code-ED integrates multiple platforms to contact parents and staff, including phone, text and email.

“Oftentimes, these forms of communication allow both parents and teachers to communicate without the limitation of school hours or location,” Caryn said.

Code-ED allows school administrators to use personalized messages to reach out to the entire parent community or target customized parent groups.

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