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Emergency Communications Network volunteers at Army of Hope picnic to support veterans

Emergency Communications Network (ECN), North America’s largest provider of emergency notification systems,emergency communications network partnered with Port Orange Elks Lodge 2723 to support this year’s Central Florida Army of Hope fundraiser on October 25 at the Port Orange Elks Lodge.

The Army of Hope Program provides aid assistance to the families of the deceased, disabled and deployed members of the military. Money raised through the program allows military members to focus on their duties rather than worrying about their family at home. The program also assists returning veterans with re-establishing their civilian life after deployment.

The ECN team volunteered to run a food booth selling sausage and peppers. They helped the lodge fundraise close to $5,000 for their contribution to the Army of Hope.  The portion of the contribution from ECN totaled out to $632 CodeREDfrom tickets, contributions and sausage sales.

ECN’s Director of Software Development, Gary VanOpdorp, is a member of the Port Orange Elks Lodge and helped organize the event.

“I cannot begin to explain how proud it makes me that the people I work with would come out and help my lodge brothers and I raise money for such a worthy cause.  This shows me that as we grow we still retain the spirit and personality that makes this a great place to work and has made us so successful.  What a great way to demonstrate there is a difference and it makes a difference,” Gary said.

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