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Effective Emergency Notifications: Accurate Data Management and Enrollment

Even the most carefully-crafted communication can fail if it does not reach its intended audience, or if audience members are unable to identify the message as important. Reaching individuals via a geographic locator is helpful in the event of a broader crisis but is not as applicable in the event of a localized emergency that only affects one or more organizations. In this instance, it is critically important to ensure that your audience has opted-in to your crisis communication and that your messages are targeted in such a way that they will be immediately identified as important and quickly read.

Why Accurate Data Matters

Let’s pretend that you have an organization with approximately 500 employees, and you live in an area that is frequented by storms or flooding. It would be incredibly important to be able to get a message to each employee to let them know when it’s unsafe to attempt to reach the office, correct? Or on a broader scale, being able to reach residents who live in flood zones would also become a top priority.

Unfortunately, few organizations and agencies have a 100 percent opt-in rate for mass communications, leaving crisis management professionals wondering exactly how many people received a message, saw a closing on television or heard it on the radio. The more accurate your contact data, the more likely it is that you can reach all of your contacts efficiently the first time.

Communicating Enrollment Steps

Working with a managed service provider such as OnSolve for your mass communication strategy provides peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected by guaranteed uptime and multiple redundancies in data. In addition, the resources developed by the team include tools that can be used to encourage community and resident signups, so you’ll be gathering the most accurate data possible for your communications platform. Add signup banners to your website, send signup notifications via email and post printed signage — all tactics that are supported by OnSolve and can be utilized for your particular situation. The robust suite of support items make it simple for your emergency management team to involve users in the communication platform.

OnSolve’s CodeRED solution is a leader in integrated crisis communication platforms, allowing information to be pushed to users via a list or geographic location rapidly and cost-effectively.

Contact the experts at OnSolve today at 866-939-0911 or Request a Demo to find out more about the advanced communications tools OnSolve has to offer. We provide a wide range of services, including standalone system hosting, cloud-based applications and even fully managed services where we support your team from inception through implementation and beyond.

Secrets to Implementing a Great Notification System

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