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Severe Weather Awareness Week: CodeRED emergency notification system

Severe Weather AwarenessIt is never a question of if a natural disaster will occur. It is a question of when. Being headquartered in Ormond Beach has given the Emergency Communications Network (ECN) team firsthand experience with many severe weather threats common to the South. For this reason, ECN is helping spread awareness and encourage preparedness for all types of hazards during Florida’s 2015 Severe Weather Awareness Week and Georgia’s 2015 Severe Weather Awareness Week taking place February 2-6.

One of the most critical steps to preparedness is having the fastest and most reliable access to emergency information. ECN clients proactively use the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to alert residents of severe weather. Signing up for CodeRED Weather Warning alerts specific to their participating community should be an essential part of an individual’s emergency preparedness plan. The CodeRED Weather Warning system has kept thousands of communities across the nation informed of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash floods.

This past year, the CodeRED emergency notification system has successfully alerted residents across the country of severe weather events that frequently occur in Florida and Georgia. In June 2014, the City of Brunswick experienced a severe thunderstorm that produced a tornado. Residents were warned through the CodeRED emergency notification system and given extra time to prepare. In July 2014, Clay County was able to alert residents of flooding in some areas using CodeRED. In August 2014, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors said the CodeRED emergency notification system was crucial in a wildfire emergency.

Florida and Georgia residents should also download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app during Severe Weather Preparedness Week as part of their preparation efforts in anticipation of severe weather. The app uses geospatial technology to deliver location-based alerts directly to any subscriber’s mobile device. App users can add a 1-year subscription of CodeRED Weather Warning and gain access to automated severe weather warnings. For a limited time, a subscription is only .99 for current and new users.

Residents can download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app here. Stay up-to-date on ECN’s emergency notification systems by following us on Twitter and ‘Liking’ us on Facebook.