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Emergency Communications Network GIS software engineer receives GIS professional certification

Emergency Communications Network
GIS Software Engineer, Shujun Li.

Emergency Communications Network (ECN), the nation’s largest provider of mass notification systems, has announced one of its GIS Software Engineers, Shujun Li, has been formally certified as a GIS Professional through the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

Li heads up ECN’s mapping initiatives for the CodeRED Web-based mass notification system that includes geographically targeted mapping capabilities. Over the past 16 years, the system’s critical mapping interface has been fine-tuned and tested and remains completely owned, operated and maintained by ECN, eliminating the possibility of failures beyond the company’s control through a 3rd party. As part of Li’s responsibilities, he regularly updates the system’s maps to ensure accuracy and reliability in a crisis situation.

“Shujun has been with ECN since 2006 and has made invaluable contributions to our system’s geographic capabilities that we know has been a critical tool for our clients in effectively notifying the public of time-sensitive information. We congratulate Shujun on this major accomplishment and support his continuing professional development in GIS that not only helps him professionally, but also significantly improves the quality of our notification solutions,” said Gary VanOpdorp, ECN Director of Software Development.

As part of Li’s certification, he was reviewed and acknowledged for GIS proficiency in three areas: 1) Educational Achievement 2) Professional Experience and 3) Contributions to the Profession.