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Emergency Notification Can Reduce Employee Stress

You and Your Employees Have Enough to Worry About… 

Having a robust business continuity plan in place can often be the difference between a streamlined work environment and employees pulling their hair out. Things can go wrong quickly in today’s business world, and companies must be prepared to make adjustments in a moment’s notice.

Snow storms, road work, even fire alarms can all have a disruptive impact on an employee’s workday. And if not addressed immediately, such incidents can hurt productivity and create employee stress.
For these reasons, it is important for a company to have the solutions set up to notify employees quickly if something is happening. A calling tree or group texting service is an effective way to get in touch with employees and let them know that they can expect delays on the way to the office or, if viable, not to come in at all.

Though emergencies will inevitably arise, aiming to have a low-stress work environment is key to keeping employee frustration low and maintaining a happy workforce. Emergency employee notification services, such as those offered by Send Word Now, are just one piece of the puzzle to reducing employee stress.