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Emergency notification goes mobile

If you remember what your office was like just ten years ago and compare that to today, it’s clear that technological advancements have changed the way we now do business. No trend is more striking that that of the mobile workforce, which was certainly around ten years ago, but not in the form it is today, and not like it promises to be in the not-so-distant future. This change is transforming the enterprise and must be incorporated into business continuity strategies for any company that wants to gain or maintain a competitive advantage.

The numbers themselves are astonishing. Just recently, Nokia signed a multi-million dollar deal with the government of Kenya to develop a series of mobile apps. According to Berg Insights, mobile app download numbers continue to grow and are projected to hit 98 billion per year by 2015. And research done by the Government Information Group, shows that many government employees are finding mobile devices to be an important tool for work. A recent report by IDC (International Data Corp.) estimates the that number of mobile workers will surpass 1.3 billion by 2015— that’s 37.2 percent of the world’s overall workforce!

This kind of sea change requires that businesses adapt and grow quickly to keep lines of communication clear and open with the new mobile, remote worker. Fortunately, tools this is where automated mass notification really shines. When you have an important message to deliver to your team, no matter where they are, no matter what device they may have at hand, automated notification is the best way to do it. And id you’re the one responsible for delivering that message, there is now a tool to help you do that directly from your smartphone: the new Intelligent Notification Mobile app for iPhone or Android. Don’t be left behind the rest of the business world—learn more about this powerful new app on our website and in our recent press release.