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Emergency notification sign-up incentive

Dubuque, IA has created a unique incentive to encourage residents to sign up for its community notification system, CodeRED. The city has agreed to waive fines for illegal parking on snow clearance routes if residents sign up to receive outbound 911 notifications. Below you’ll see an online discussion about this policy (excerpt is from Iowa’s Telegraph Herald).

“Question: Is it legal to park on a snow route after the snow has been plowed to the curb, regardless of the time frame? There are people who remove their cars from the street to wait for the equipment to pass, re-park on a plowed street and then get ticked for this. Why?

Answer: It’s city policy.

Dubuque’s odd/even snow route parking policy’s parking restriction was amended in 2007 and this marks the second year that the policy will be enforced during the entire posted and declared time period, with no allowance for parking prior to the end of the posted time period or after a perceived plow pass.

The first ticket will be forgiven if the recipient submits his or her telephone number for subsequent declaration notifications through the city’s CodeRED emergency notification system. “

What does the Dubuque Police Department think about the program and how are residents responding?

“I have a bunch of dismissed tickets sitting on my desk. Half of the people coming in with tickets are signing up for CodeRED for the very first time. The others are updating their personal information due to recent moves and phone number changes. It has been a GREAT public relations win for the police department. Citizens are happy because they are getting the fine removed and they’ll get the latest updates on snow removal. It’s one of the few times when people arrive with tickets and leave happy.”

Captain Scott Crabill

Dubuque, Iowa Police Department