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Emergency notification software for your business continuity / disaster recovery plan

donIt is imperative in today’s society for every business, large or small, to develop and maintain a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan (BC/DR). This type of plan is essential to the continued operation of your business and provides a platform to recover from a devastating event. As with any emergency plans you develop,  it can be best summed up with the analogy “It is there to remind you how to think, when you are placed in a position where it’s hard to think.”. Something that everyone can relate to, I suppose.

There are many components to be included in a BC/DR Plan, most of which are all geared towards identifying the integral assets that keep the business running, identify processes to maintain continuity, identify key personnel and assign roles and responsibilities within. Another major component of this plan should be dedicated to crisis communications. How do we communicate internally and externally, who is responsible for doing so and what form of communications do we use when? Better communications will absolutely provide a more positive outcome during a crisis or disaster event.

As we all know, there are many ways in which to communicate, whether it be verbal or written. Advanced technologies within the SmartNotice emergency notification software solution provides the business and industry community with those vital communication tools to successfully reach your target audience with important and or emergency information. Aside from the typical methods for message delivery like phone calls, texting, emails, social media etc., the SmartNotice emergency notification software also provides several other tools to enhance your notification capabilities. Tools including Team Builder, RSS feeds, desktop notifications, Bulletin Board/ employee hotline, conference calling, email verification, mobile launch app, and automated weather warnings. The ease of operation allows the end user to create the notifications to any or all of these notification modes within minutes, and provides a 1-step simultaneous launch process. SmartNotice is truly an all-encompassing solution to meet or exceed the notification needs of any business or corporation.

We invite you to learn more about our SmartNotice emergency notification software by registering for a free, upcoming demonstration. Our diverse and experienced emergency management team at ECN can also provide assistance with Business Continuity Plan development as well. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more.