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Emergency notification when you’re nowhere near the office

Cellphone rescueThe rise in the number of workers who spend at least part of their time working from locations outside of the office continues unchecked. Often those locations can be as near as the local coffee shop, but more and more they’re across the country or around the globe.

This poses a challenge for companies that rely on emergency notification software to stay in touch with employees during a crisis. That challenge can loom even larger when the employees responsible for executing BC/DR initiatives are themselves unable to get to the office. However, for one of our customers, being out of the office posed little problem when a hurricane threatened.

Rushing home from her job as an emergency manager at a petrochemical plant, she was able to make sure her children were safe. But shortly afterward, she learned the news—the hurricane had impacted the company’s headquarters, endangering lives and causing massive damage.

Yet despite the heavy wind and driving rain, she was able to issue alerts to staff with her company’s emergency notification system—using a generator and cell phone broadband card from her basement—from the eye of the hurricane. (All this despite widespread power outages and network failures.)

This story nicely illustrates the need for mobile apps that help your remote workers complete critical tasks when they’re away from the office. It’s clear that tools for mobile workers need to include not only basic office apps, but also software that help keep the business running in times when workers really can’t be in the office. Emergency notification is the perfect example.

And if this tale of calm during a crisis has you wondering how your own company would deliver emergency notifications when an event threatened employees or enterprise operations, consider the Intelligent Notification Mobile app, the easy, efficient way to send, receive and respond to important messages and alerts using a smartphone.

The app receives alerts from the Intelligent Notification platform over mobile data networks or over Wi-Fi, so even when users don’t have coverage through local providers, they’ll still receive alerts.

Download the Ten Tips for Severe Weather to learn more about the benefits of emergency notification.