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Employee Communication in Inclement Weather

Plunging temperatures, whiteout conditions, and icy roads can turn into a crisis even in the most prepared cities and states.

As a result, this is the season that puts crisis communication to the test. Consider how well your employees and security teams are prepared for communicating internally in the event of a weather emergency.

Plan Activation Strategies

Activation strategies are a crucial component to ensuring proper recovery during and after inclement weather. This strategy will put into action a crisis response team to handle the situation as quickly as possible. Crisis preparation involves a series of procedures that need to be in place ahead of time. This is essential for maintaining internal communications for your workers.

Internal notification software, such as CodeRED from OnSolve, is designed specifically for communications during an emergency situation. By incorporating this government-approved notification solution into your office, internal communications can be handled no matter the situation. Thanks to automated, advanced warnings along with geo-location communication using a variety of delivery modalities, internal notification systems integrate seamlessly into businesses of all sizes.

Getting the Word Out

Being able to communicate with your workforce during facility closures and other weather-related issues is paramount. Communicating relevant details to your staff and keeping them updated as a situation unfolds can help keep them off dangerous roads.

When is the last time you evaluated your process for internal communications? Consider upgrading your capabilities to allow communication through multiple channels, from email and text to phone calls and social media. Find solutions that provide time-saving options, such as mobile capabilities, that allow you to send notifications from anywhere. That way, there is no need to drive to the office or locate a desktop computer to send an alert. Check out the CodeRED Launcher for more details.

Know the Risks

When handling internal decisions, it is also important to consider employee safety. Limiting the number of essential personnel can greatly reduce physical risks to your employees and reduce downtime. Keeping in touch with employees before, during and after a weather event reduces your liability risks as well as miscommunications occurring between employees.

Before the next big weather event rolls into town, take time to review plans and incorporate new strategies to create the best possible communications.