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Evaluating notification service: Is your current solution right for your business?

Every business must have superior communication with employees and stakeholders, and many businesses have turned to third-party notification services to satisfy this objective. However, not all mass notification services are alike and can produce very different results. In order to know if your business has everything it needs for the most efficient and continuity of operations possible, you must first determine if your current solution is fulfills your organization’s primary communication goals.

There are several factors you must evaluate in order to properly assess your current notification service. The major characteristic to be concerned with is that it is easy to use. Everything from system setup to data integration and technical support should be intuitive, reliable, and easy enough that anyone on your staff could send a notification. While you may have a particular individual tasked to oversee and issue notifications, what if that person is not present during an emergency situation? What if a time-sensitive operational update needs to be disseminated immediately and your newest employee is the only one on duty? A system with a user-friendly interface, a simple message-building process, and a three or fewer steps to launch is ideal for the optimal notification process. If you see staff struggling to understand your current solution and all the necessary steps required to create and send a message, it may be time to reevaluate your system.

Another aspect of your notification solution that you should examine during your assessment is its system capabilities and how these contribute to its performance. How your solution performs is crucial to its reliability during critical situations and daily use. Ensure your system is equipped with all of the necessary communication channels you need to have the most best reach to your employees and stakeholders, including such channels as phone, text, email, RSS feeds, and social media.

It is also beneficial to review your system’s unique notification tools. Review all of your system’s capabilities to determine if it has the additional functionality to provide value to your staff such as automated severe weather warning, geo-targeted alerts, or remote mobile launch processes from on the scene of an event.  Lastly, client and technical support should play a pivotal role in your solution. In the midst of a crisis when your staff is preoccupied, can you count on your current system’s support team ready and able to assist you with sending messages on your behalf, regardless of the day or the hour? Client support is often an underused tool, but it is crucial to have access to the right resources when necessary.

Business notification solutions should help you connect with your staff and stakeholders to broadcast general and/or emergency information to alert and inform and help with business continuity and recovery plans. Be sure to review this checklist to reevaluate your current notification service and determine if it is in fact the right solution for your business.

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