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Flood preparedness and your mass notification system

mass notification systemSeptember is National Preparedness Month! This month, ECN will be doing our part to help prepare communities across the country to stay safe during disasters.The themes this year include floods, wildfires, hurricanes and power outages. We will be providing helpful tips, blogs, client features and more throughout the month of September.

To start the month off, here are a few ways to consider using your mass notification tool before, during and after a flooding event.

Flooding is often a forecasted event; however, it can develop quickly and, often times, ahead of what was predicted. Long-time residents are very familiar with areas that flood and those that may affect them. Nevertheless, your mass notification system should be a standard tool used to protect your residents at a moment’s notice, just in case.

1. Flood Zone Awareness campaign to residents located in flood prone areas
2. Flood protection prevention and mitigation efforts for the residents
3. Awareness / Preparedness calls in front of any forecasted flooding events
4. Periodic updates on the predicted flood levels
5. Evacuation notices
6. Shelter locations and safe roadways to travel
7. Closed roads & bridges
8. All Clear – safe to return home notices (or not)
9. Damage assessment report information
10. Disaster assistance information
11. Disaster recovery facility locations and hours
12. Boil water advisories if tap water is not safe to drink
13. Any other post-storm safety or relevant information

As with every disaster event, the average public safety official does not take full advantage of their mass notification system during flooding events. In almost every case, those officials think back over the life of the incident and question why they did not use the system more to their advantage.

Don’t be that official that asks themselves afterwards “Why didn’t I think to use our CodeRED System for that?” Plan ahead for any event and make sure that you develop a comprehensive emergency notification plan that will get you in the habit of when to use the tool and will also allow others on your staff to be more aware of the power of the tool and have your back, when times are hectic and happening was too fast.

Also, be sure to encourage your residents to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, and launch your message to the app so residents and visitors residing in or traveling through your area can stay informed during any situation.

We can assist you with those plans if you wish. Feel free to contact us.