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Four tips to improve mass notification response rates

Talk-bubbles-sphere-transNo matter how urgent the message or how streamlined your delivery method, you’re never guaranteed the rate of response you may need. An automated notification system is great, but sometimes response is the only way you can tell if your recipients are getting the message. So how can you improve those rates? Start with these tips:

1. Construct messages with consistency

By following a consistent construction with all messages, you’ll make the job easier for yourself (less chance of forgetting a critical piece of the message, like the call to action). At the same time, you’ll train your recipients and reinforce how to listen or read and respond to your message. Templates can help; create a series of them, each addressing a common issue (outage, system update, etc.), then simply modify as a situation arises.

2. Identify purpose and sender

You’ll get the best response if you use a consistent subject line or introduction for all communications and make it clear who is the author of the notification. It’s better to identify that person by function, rather than name (a message from the CIO will get more attention than a name that many may not recognize). It also helps to use an automatic number identifier (ANI) to keep caller ID the same no matter where the message is coming from.

3. Coordinate messaging during broad events

There’s nothing like too much information coming from too many different sources to confuse or desensitize your recipients. Plan ahead who will deliver notifications for the various events your organization may be faced with.

4. Use consistent content

Use a notification system that’s flexible and allows you to customize the notification to meet your needs and your company culture. Use consistent introductions and directions within each notification (if the message says press one if you need more information, do that consistently, etc.)

By following these four basic tips you’ll start to see a better response rate, and it will improve as your recipients become more familiar with what is expected of them when a notification arrives. Download the brief, Ten Tips to Improve Notification Response Rates, for more tips.