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From the CTO’s Desk: Encryption of Data in the Cloud

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Keeping data secure is of the utmost importance and nobody wants to see their name above the fold. Protecting your data takes on a whole new level of importance when it comes to storing and managing personal information. While most firms take great pains to protect data in transit, Send Word Now is among the few who have gone the extra mile to protect data at rest.

What is Data at Rest?

In the simplest case, when data traverses the Internet, savvy technologists can inspect the payload of the traffic as it goes from point A to point B. Data moving along this channel is referred to as “Data in Transit.” Many common network protocols, such as HTTP for websites, have an encrypted counterpart—in this case, HTTPS, where the “s” stands for “Secure”—where the data is encrypted. This encryption prevents third parties from monitoring the traffic and collecting private, or sensitive, information that is not intended for them. Send Word Now has of course always provided its customers with secure and encrypted channels to pass data to us, including SSL, SFTP, PGP, and SCP. Once the data has arrived at point B, it becomes “Data at Rest”—data and files that are stored on a computer or network.

What is Data at Rest Encryption and what’s the risk?

Encrypting Data at Rest is a security measure that is commonly used to protect a company’s files from being accessed, stolen or altered by an unauthorized party while they are being stored on disk (at rest). It protects an organization’s data when unauthorized parties gain access to it through means other than over the network. Lost backup media, stolen database files, and discarded hardware have all led to high-profile data breaches and all could have been avoided using Data at Rest Encryption. Send Word Now is the first pure play SaaS notification provider to offer full database encryption to its clients.

Why is Encryption SO Important?

The hackers are out there. We are doing everything we can to prevent them from penetrating the perimeter of our network in the first place. And we are doing a great job at that. Encryption of Data at Rest gives us and our customers the added peace of mind that, if someone were to find their way into our network, they will not be able to use any sensitive or confidential information since it will all be encrypted. I am happy to let our customers know that we understand the security implications and confidentiality of the contact information they send to us and that we are doing our utmost to protect them and their data.