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Getting the most out of the CodeRED Mobile Alert App during travel season

Transportation_-Airport_-Airplane-sits-on-the-runwayThis summer, more than 200 million people will be traveling on vacation, and that is just by plane, according to Airlines for America.
Emergency Communications Network (ECN) wants to know you have a plan when it comes to communicating with out-of-state travelers if an emergency occurred in your area.

With the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, residents and visitors residing in or traveling through communities covered by CodeRED can stay informed during any situation around their area, just by downloading the app and ensuring their location services are enabled. Since cellular phones are becoming a necessity in this day and age, travelers will have knowledge of any alerts issued by communities covered by CodeRED throughout North America in the palm of their hand.

This app can save lives in many situations. Shark attacks are one example where a mass notification system can benefit travelers. Even if travelers are signed up for CodeRED calls on their cell phone, their primary home and work locations are being monitored. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app protects residents while they travel,  sending notifications to subscribers who are located within your warning radius – based on the GPS of their smartphone. If your residents are planning to travel outside of your area, and an emergency like many of the shark attacks making headlines this year occurs, they will get an alert if the community where they are located is a CodeRED subscriber. Just seeing this notification can saves lives, and can inform travelers to avoid the area.

With situations involving your residents, how do you plan on a more and more mobile society when landlines are landlines are becoming obsolete? Encouraging your residents to download the app will also help them for this reason. You can never have enough tools in your public safety tooklit. Encourage residents to enroll for phone calls, texts and emails, and also encourage them to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app so they can stay safe while on the go.

Whether residents are at home or traveling, the CodeRED Mobile Alert app is a reliable emergency notification source, and can be beneficial to you and your residents.