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Godzilla Versus The Blob: How This Dynamic Duo will Impact Winter Weather in 2016

You probably have an image in mind when you think about Godzilla versus The Blob.

Better yet, you’re probably wondering what these iconic monsters have in common with winter weather. Well, we’re not talking about your typical 1950’s monster classics.

Two major climate anomalies are taking place at the same time this year: “Godzilla” and “The Blob”. Those are the names given to two Pacific Ocean surface temperature patterns that are expected to converge later this year and into 2016 (there’s also a “Son of Blob, but we’ll save that for the sequel). The showdown between the two is expected to result in a more prolonged El Niño season causing even more unpredictable, potentially severe weather for the United States.

Some experts are predicting that the concurrent timing of Godzilla and The Blob could deliver the U.S. the harshest El Niño weather event in history. The last major El Niño event was in 1997, when it was, according to some experts, a contributor to severe weather that cost billions in damages and a number of deaths. This year’s El Niño is expected to be one of the strongest in over 60 years. The “battle” between the two weather monsters can cause major implications for every region of the United States.

What can you expect?

El Niño has been blamed for droughts in various parts of the world; conversely, it can also cause increased rainfall in some cases. As a result of the current El Niño, the Pacific-Northwest has experienced drier, drought-like conditions. A sudden increase in precipitation in that region could be treacherous and result in mudslides, floods and major land shifts.

The Gulf and southern regions of the United States may face a harsher winter. An increase in precipitation and cooler temperatures could result in snow and ice in areas that aren’t equipped to handle it. The potential for white-outs, power outages and ice storms is greater for the eastern portion of the United States.

What can your business expect?

Regardless of your region, it’s wise to prepare for this year’s intense El Niño and the impact it could have on your business. That’s why it’s critical to keep your employees informed, even at a moment’s notice. Inclement weather resulting in closures and delays can happen fast. Being able to communicate with your employees consistently and quickly is important during times of high stress or danger, especially in the winter months.

Since “Godzilla” and “The Blob” are contributing to the possibility of a monstrous winter weather season, it’s important to be proactive and ready to communicate when disaster strikes.

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