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Gold Medal Business Continuity

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Millions of people from around the world followed the events in Sochi this month. And, they did so with good reasons. The games were entertaining, the competition was fierce, and viewers, more than likely, felt a great sense of pride for their own countries.

The athletes in Sochi represented the very best their nations had to offer. They not only had the experience, skills and determination to compete at the highest level, but also the overwhelming desire to return home with a gold medal. These qualities drove them to do great, and sometimes record-breaking, things, whether skating a near flawless performance, or working together to put a puck in net.

We can all learn something from these fine champions. In fact, here are a few “gold medal” qualities found in the highest achieving business resiliency professionals:

Vision for Success
You can bet every winning athlete at the games envisioned themselves standing on the awards platform long before the actual event occurred. They each had a clearly defined vision of success which inspired them to achieve.

Business resiliency managers should take the same approach. Whether establishing an organization’s first business continuity program, or improving a long-standing organizational function, clearly defining a vision for success is a critical step. Dare to dream.

Plan to Achieve
Gold winning athletes rarely rely completely on talent. Surrounded by coaches, advisors and supporters, they develop a systematic plan for achieving their vision.

Likewise, business resiliency managers must plan to achieve their vision. Resiliency professionals are often quite good at the planning process, particularly as it relates to details around keeping the business moving forward in a crisis. However, that same level of competence and intensity should be applied to the “big picture” when planning for the future of the department and its desired role within the organization. Don’t forget to plan at a macro level, to include the tools, resources and support needed for long-term success.

Discipline and Commitment
Gold medal winning athletes generally have an incredible amount of discipline and commitment to becoming the best. Early morning practices, late night workouts, dietary restrictions, etc., are all parts of a strict regimen designed to forge themselves into a star performer.

Similarly, business resiliency managers must have a significant amount of discipline and commitment to achieve their goals. This includes, among other things, regular testing and exercising of business continuity plans to ensure the organization is prepared for any event.

Ability to Adjust
Even with all of the planning and preparation, unexpected circumstances occur. Top athletes seem to have an innate ability to adjust to unpredictable situations and overcome adversity.

Top business resiliency managers must do the same. Focusing on improving those things which are controllable can help, along with carefully analyzing what went wrong (and right) after an incident. When the elements of vision, planning and discipline are securely in place, adjustments to unanticipated conditions become easier, less stressful and more effective.

At Send Word Now, we see “championship performances” from business continuity professionals around the globe every day. We are honored to support you in your business practices, and take pride in your accomplishments, large and small. Together, we are making great strides in critical communications, helping ensure continued success and a first place position on the podium of crisis response.