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Great Minds Really Do Think Alike

4 Minute Read

Whether your focus is business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), risk management, security or even HR, you share many of the same goals when incidents jeopardize operations or employee safety. And, though your organizations’ overall strategy may vary sharply, you also share many of the same challenges. This is especially true in the area of communications when an emergency notification service (ENS) may be used.

But, as attendees of this week’s 2013 Global Alert Conference in New York City learned, these communications challenges are certainly not insurmountable. Time and again, Send Word Now customers spoke up, telling their stories from the trenches and offering expert advice to their peers. They asked tough questions of one another and the Send Word Now team, and explained different ways to reach many of the same objectives.

Among the presenters were Joe Castellano with Pricewaterhouse Coopers; John Sileo with the Freeman Company; Zachary Hodgson with the Salvation Army; AnneMarie Staley with the New York Stock Exchange; and Manav Singh with the Emirates NBD Group. Special thanks to them for addressing the group.

Likewise, everyone listened intently to Send Word Now President & CEO, Tony Schmitz, and Alex Tsepetis, Chief Technology Officer, as they described the company’s dynamic vision for the future. And, they looked on with excitement as the two provided sneak preview demonstrations of Send Word Now’s soon-to-be-released mobile apps and business communications services.

Given the great turnout, unprecedented level of interaction and tremendously positive feedback of this year’s Global Alert Conference, I’m even more convinced that great minds really do think alike.

Events such as this are the perfect forum for open and engaging dialogue, regardless of your area of expertise, industry or experience with the Send Word Now alerting service. Hopefully, this year’s meeting was no exception, giving everyone in attendance some insightful and just as important, useful, information to carry home to their respective organizations.

For those of you who were unable to join us, we sincerely hope you can do so next year!