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How a Major Public Service Company Uses Send Word Now

3 Minute Read

When a large utility company based in Southwestern United States decided to modernize its crisis responsibilities, it knew that it needed to make on-demand communication with its employees a priority. With this in mind, it looked for an emergency notification system that was reliable, robust, and capable of reaching all of the company’s 9,000 employees via multiple channels in a matter of seconds. The company found all of that – and more – in Send Word Now.

Whenever there is a major incident at one of the utility company’s sites – whether it’s a routine accountability drill, disaster-related evacuation, or on-site criminal activity – the company uses Send Word Now to sends messages via phones, text messages, email, and more, to contact points across the organization, in just a matter of seconds.

For example, when local police were pursuing a stolen vehicle in the area one afternoon, the company’s security team used Send Word Now to let all employees know that the suspect was on the company’s property and that they should stay inside until the situation was resolved. Once the police were off-site, employees were notified once again to let them know it was safe to exit the buildings.

“The system really gives our employees peace of mind. They like to know that we can reach them during an emergency, and they love the system” explains the Director of Security. “Send Word Now plays a central role in all of our emergency preparedness efforts.”

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