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How Emergency Notification & Risk Management Go Hand-in-Hand

Effective risk management requires reliable, proven emergency notification systems and protocols.

In fact, without the right crisis notification procedures and tools in place:

  • Risks can snowball and become increasingly difficult to manage.
  • Emergency situations can get critical and complicated quickly, potentially putting more people in harm’s way.

Revealing more about the relationship between emergency notification and risk management, the following highlights the top 3 ways these elements work together to reduce the potential for harm and keep employees safe whenever crises may arise.

1. Emergency Notifications Raise Risk Perception & Awareness.

Emergency notifications can describe the nature of certain risks that may be on the horizon. Such details can help those who may be facing these risks clearly understand:

  • The severity of the potential risks
  • The warning signs or red flags they should be aware of
  • What to do when the red flags arise

In other words, emergency notifications can provide important warnings to employees about the possibility of certain risks they may face in specific situations, at certain locations, in different seasons, etc.

Example: Emergency weather notifications can inform employees about an impending weather disaster or severe weather event. This can keep impacted individuals alert to weather-related risks so they’re ready to take the appropriate action (like evacuating the premises or city) if or when necessary.

2. Emergency Notifications Instantly Communicate Critical Risks in Real Time.

Mass emergency notifications can immediately transmit important information when crises strike. In fact, with advanced systems like OnSolve’s critical alerting and mass notification solutions, urgent alerts can be instantly sent:

  • To employees who work in certain geographic areas, as well as those traveling to specific locations
  • To many recipients through various channels, including SMS/text, email, social media, desktop alerts, and more
  • In multiple languages, which can be essential for global operations.

The real-time aspect of emergency notifications and risk management is vital whenever urgent situations arise. In particular, it can be pivotal to mitigating risks when there are active shooters, severe weather and other emergency situations.

Example: Utilizing mass emergency communication in the event of an active shooter. You can alert employees of the intruder and use two-way communication to check on the safety/status of each employee by requesting a response. This can be especially critical in the minutes and hours immediately following a threat.

3. Emergency Notifications Promote the Right Actions to Effectively Manage & Reduce Risks.

While emergency notifications can go a long way towards keeping employees aware of and informed about certain risks, these alerts can also be crucial to assisting people in taking the right steps to minimize the risks they and other key stakeholders may face.

Example: Emergency notifications can provide key details about what to do and/or where to go in the midst of a crisis. These alerts can also share resources and links, pointing people to the additional information they may need to protect themselves in times of crises.

Optimize Your Risk Management Plan & Emergency Notification System with OnSolve

OnSolve provides unmatched mass emergency notification solutions that can revolutionize the risk management plans and mass communication systems of any business or organization. Whether you are a risk management or disaster recovery professional for a private business or a government agency, OnSolve’s industry-leading solutions can empower you and your team to instantly, reliably disseminate alerts through a multitude of channels.

For more essential insights about risk management, emergency notifications and OnSolve’s game-changing solutions, request a free, no obligations demo of our software solutions.