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How Iconic Global Companies are Using Mass Notification for IT Alerting

Everywhere you turn, new threats to Information Technology (IT) security are emerging. Companies around the globe are spending more time and money on monitoring and protecting  critical systems. Add to this the already daunting task of simply maintaining various systems, and it’s easy to see why the IT professional’s job is challenging.

The best security and monitoring systems in the world may not be sufficient to protect your organization if communication is insufficient or fails. It’s the reason why many leading companies are adding mass notification to their arsenal of IT management applications. Consider the following IT Alerting examples from companies with which we are all familiar.

Global Consumer Beverage Brand

Since 2011, one of the most iconic consumer beverage brands in the world has used Send Word Now to alert its IT professionals to network outages and other technology disruptions. The company has integrated Send Word Now’s Alerting Service with the ServiceNow®* IT Business Management application for a comprehensive management and notification system. Combining these best-of-breed solutions allows the company to respond more quickly to outages while making better, more collaborative IT decisions across the enterprise.

Global Online Retailer

Since 2012, one of the world’s largest and most well-known ecommerce companies has used Send Word Now to help monitor system availability. The company utilizes “heartbeat” monitoring and Send Word Now’s Application Programming Interface (API) to automatically send internal ticketing alerts if a server is unresponsive. In an organization where IT systems are quite literally the revenue engines for the company, managers are able to reduce response times and diminish downtime from key systems.

Other Applications

The organizations above are utilizing mass notification in an automated manner by integrating it with other systems. However, they also have the benefit of utilizing the solution in more traditional ways. For example, they can set up predefined scenarios that allow them to create a library of messages, alert recipient groups, business rules, etc., readily available for launch. They can utilize the system for “reverse conferencing” (instead of participants dialing into a conference, the conference calls participants). They can use multilingual features, or a dedicated recipient mobile app for secure, IP-based communications. The options are endless.

The battle for an organization’s IT systems is getting more difficult and more complex. Rapid and accurate communication is essential, and adopting mass notification technology within the IT department may just provide the advantage needed to stay ahead of the game.


*ServiceNow is a registered trademark of the ServiceNow Corporation and is not affliated with Send Word Now.