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How Mass Notification Technology Improves Community and Interoperable Communications

Every organization, no matter how big or small, needs to have an emergency response plan in place.

Part of this plan calls for a mass notification system that enables your internal and external community to communicate during an emergency situation. Whether you are faced with an active shooter scenario, social chaos, flooding, or tornados, your organization needs a way to share timely information in order to save lives. If your team is still on the fence about whether or not to implement an emergency notification system, take into consideration these benefits of mass notification technology.

Understanding Mass Notification

A key aspect of an emergency response plan is to be able to share accurate and vital information to anyone within your community as fast as possible. The easiest way to do this is with a mass notification service. Yes, you could share your emergency messaging via social media, on the radio, or through televised emergency broadcasting. But how can you be sure you are reaching the widest berth of individuals with this information? More importantly, what happens if the internet or power shuts down? How will you communicate then if your sole methods are Facebook, radios, or TVs? This is where mass notification systems save the day.

Cross-Channel Communication

A mass notification system steps outside of the bounds of traditional communication. Instead of choosing one or two modes of communicating an emergency message, mass notification crosses boundaries. You are able to utilize everything from cell phones and radio to websites and TV. The goal here is to locate all of the possible ways to reach your audience and send messages across those channels. This enables your organization to reach the most individuals no matter where they are and what kind of service capabilities that have access to.

Value-Added Service Capabilities

When you choose mass notification technology you also gain a wealth of services. For example, with the CodeRED from OnSolve notification system, you can coordinate communications to occur in line with your emergency response plan. This sets up trigger points of communications, along with specific paths for individual groups of recipients. You can customize your notifications according to an external and internal audience.

Throughout this process, your organization is able to reduce the so-called “static” of messages sent out to the wrong recipients. For example, your emergency leaders should receive completely different messages compared to local residents in your community. Trying to coordinate and customize emergency messages manually or without mass notification technology is an impossible task, especially when you are faced with a true emergency. This is why community organizations from universities to hospitals choose to use mass notification technology as a vital aspect of their emergency response plan.

Role of Notification Internally

When we think of internal communications, the topic typically focuses on inter-departmental communication. This involves the way we communicate with our staff and management in the wake of an emergency. Types of timely communications include enacting and carrying out an emergency preparedness plan. However, there is another type of internal communication.

Inter-operational communication involves the actual flow of information from one department to another. In terms of mass notifications, inter-operational communications play the biggest role. When you have functional inter-operational communication, your team is able to transmit accurate messages in an efficient way. Mass notifications are directly related to this level of internal communication. By improving your organization’s notification capabilities, you allow your departments and employees to carry out their vital roles in overall emergency communications.

Demo of OnSolve’s Mass Notification Solution

Now that you have a better understanding of mass notification services, we want to introduce you to our line of solutions. Here at OnSolve, we are the experts in emergency notification solutions. We offer three award-winning alert products that include CodeRED, Send Word Now, and MIR3. Each product serves a unique function in community and organization emergency communications.

Request a free demo of any of OnSolve’s products today to see which of these systems work best for your emergency notification needs. If you would like to speak with a customer service representative please call 1-866-939-0911. We look forward to being a part of your organization’s emergency response solution.