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How quickly will you respond when a crisis strikes?

Crashed Truck CloseIt’s a fact of life—you can’t prevent crises and business interruptions. And no matter how well prepared you are, it seems like the challenges wrought by crises seem to repeat themselves. One of those challenges is that of communication. How can reach all interested parties with the information that they want and need?

If you have a mass notification system, like most companies do these days, you’re halfway there. You have a way to send out information to people no matter where they are, a way to sort recipients so they get the information that’s most relevant to them and a way to track all those messages. But even the best system requires planning and preparation to be truly useful. That’s what this webinar and white paper are about—using the system you already have in the best possible way to get the best possible results.

You’ll learn when to offer response options and when a response is not so important. You’ll get tips on crafting effective alerts and determining which mode is more effective (SMS or voice or email or…?). The webinar explores ways to better engage your recipients so that, when a message is critical, they know they must listen and they know how to respond and react. You’ll even find ways to train your team while testing your system in fun ways that encourage participation. Download the white paper and watch the webinar for all sorts of tips for getting more from your mass notification system.

Looking for the best emergency notification system? Download the Automated Notification System RFP Template.