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How to get the most out of mass notification on campus

School psychedelicColleges and universities nationwide have embraced mass notification as a way of quickly communicating to campus populations during shootings, bomb threats and more. It’s safe to say that when danger threatens and an important message needs to be delivered, a notification system is the easiest way to do it.

But notification software can also be used in many other ways.

As operating budgets shrink, any cost-effective way to deliver streamlined, day-to-day communications to students, faculty, staff and visitors makes sense. In other words, when it comes to mass notification… Have it in case you need it, and once you have it, use it regularly.

Here are other kinds of announcements you can make with your mass notification system:

  1. Class cancellations or building closures. When a storm hits or a wildfire threatens, use mass notification to report unsafe conditions to students, staff and faculty, no matter where they are.
  2. Security alerts. When students or staff members are, for example, at risk of assault, consider mass notification to direct security teams to unsafe areas of campus and warn students and faculty away.
  3. Unplanned staffing changes. In case of job action or widespread illness, for example, mass notification can be used to put out the call for qualified alternates to step in.
  4. Health warnings. Notify students and faculty when there is an outbreak on campus, alerting them to the risk, directing them to resources, describing warning signs and explaining which symptoms need immediate attention.
  5. IT alerts. Use mass notification to quickly alert IT team members when computer systems lag or fail.
  6. Deliver quick one- or two-question surveys via your notification software to give students and faculty a voice on issues, then request a response for instant, invaluable information on the opinions of your campus community.
  7. Event announcements. From commencement details to registration deadlines, use notification to remind students and their parents of special events—increasing attendance and eliminating miscommunication.

Use notification intelligently and you’ll keep students, staff, faculty and visitors safe and informed—whether you’re in crisis or not. For ideas, see how the University of Pennsylvania uses mass notification technology.

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