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How to maintain and update your business continuity plan

Once you have a business continuity plan in place, don’t forget to update and adapt it regularly. The best way to do that is to integrate business continuity planning into every business decision, incorporate plan maintenance in job descriptions, assign responsibility for periodic review of the plan and perform regular audits and tests.

Typically the business recovery coordinator is responsible for seeing that the plan is kept current. Recovery teams are responsible for reviewing and updating their parts of the plan and any related materials. The recovery management team is responsible for overall plan coverage and incident management procedures, making sure the plan addresses any new risks as changes to the company and its operations take place.

Twice a year business updates should be identified and applied, and the revision history should be updated to record the changes. Revisions should be included in the master copy of the plan.

To keep the plan current, an active program of testing or exercising should be followed in order to coordinate review and updates of the plan with the recovery management teams and other recovery teams.

For more in-depth information on maintaining and updating your business continuity plan, download this brief.