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How to use mass notification more effectively

BestPracticesWhen your business gets interrupted, you need to provide information to stakeholders quickly. Whether it’s for IT incident reporting, business continuity, supply chain alerting, employee communications or even to notify visitors or contractors, a good mass notification system can’t be beat. A notification system can deliver important information to thousands of people at once, and provide them with a way to respond if needed.

With businesses becoming increasingly global and increasingly mobile, communication has become more complicated as risk has increased. Imagine trying to quickly deliver an important message to hundreds or thousands of people working in different countries and perhaps even speaking different languages. Sometimes you may want to send a message to just people at a certain level of an organization; other times, like with weather alerts, your target may be more regional.

Fortunately, automated mass notification systems have been around for well over a decade, and today’s systems are more sophisticated than ever. If you already have a notification system in place, it’s good to look for ways to use that system more effectively. If you don’t have a notification system, we can show you why you may need one and how to choose the right one. Download the white paper, Best Practices in Using Notification for all sorts of tips and best practices for preparing, delivering and following up on effective crisis communications.