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How to use notification to support IT incident management

The IT environment is more complex than ever before and lately, IT managers have been asked to do more with less. The best way to tackle this is by adopting a holistic approach towards the tools you already have, demanding more out of them than may have been originally intended.

One tool that readily lends itself to this kind of versatility is automated notification. Instead of devoting IT resources to monitoring systems and processes, automated notification can do the job for you. When events happen, automated alerts are sent to the appropriate staff, taking into account whether they are on duty, on call or out of the office, letting recipients quickly fix problems before they cause downtime or delays. This single-department use for automated notification can drive incredible efficiencies in IT, reducing network downtime and improving SLAs (service level agreements).

What if another department is already using an alerting system; will you need to force fit that solution into a tool for IT incident management alerts and escalations? You may be sorry if you try as that solution is rarely the one that allows IT organizations to drive efficiency, quality and customer support. However, if the enterprise tool you’ve chosen is robust, flexible and full-featured, there’s a good chance that tool can be used at every level of the enterprise, including IT, to increase efficiency.

Automated notification has proven to be an invaluable tool for incident management, quickly delivering a recognizable return on investment by reducing response time for IT incidents. Those benefits are not unique to the IT department, and can provide great value when extended throughout the enterprise, ultimately helping to streamline business operations, increase efficiency and enhance productivity. So whether automated notification is initially deployed as a tool for IT event alerting or for some other purpose in the enterprise, if you make the right choice in the first place, you’ll find its scale to work at virtually every level of the organization.

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