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OnSolve, Your Hometown Notification Vendor – Hurricane help is closer than you think!

Living in Florida, weather conditions can sometimes be rough, especially through the humid summer heat with the possibility of a severe weather system developing just off-shore. With many on edge from June through November of another Hurricane Matthew or Charley, it is important to remember local resources available to prepare for another unpredictable hurricane season. But at the end of the day, this is home. For you, and for OnSolve, provider of notification solutions like CodeRED.

OnSolve headquarters are located in the heart of Ormond Beach, FL in Volusia County. You might recognize our area as the projected “hot spot” Hurricane Matthew bypassed at the last minute in October 2016. Hurricane preparedness tips are often a topic Floridians grow tired of hearing.  Have cash, buy a generator, trim your trees and charge your phones; the list is familiar, but worth repeating (like ours, here). But what really prepares us for the harsh conditions that threaten the Sunshine State each year?

For everyone it’s different. Firefighters, police and emergency responders are focused on ensuring residents are out of harm’s way and properly equipped to ride out the storm. City officials are busy planning for the aftermath and making sure order will be restored, and that those in need will be assisted as quickly as possible. Families stock up on water and other essentials while making sure their property and family remains protected when threats arise. Business owners are assessing the potential damages and impact the storm can have on their bottom line.

People can tell you how to prepare, when to prepare and why. But its people and businesses in your community that come together, understand what you’re going through and offer assistance when you’re in need. Here at OnSolve we understand the importance of good communication to protect lives and property during and after a storm and how our community leaders play such a vital role when it is time to rebuild.

We chose Florida as our home; we are here to walk beside you every step of the way.