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Important note to CodeRED clients

Photo courtesy: National Hurricane Center.

As you continue to use your CodeRED mass notification system to communicate emergency messages related to Hurricane Sandy, we suggest using the following key elements to ensure a clear, concise message:

1. Try to keep voice calls to 30 seconds – Record 30 second or less messages for more connected calls, less network congestion and fewer busy signals. Call delivery throughput is dictated by the capacity of your local telephone company to transmit messages. And, most voicemails cut off at 45 to 60 seconds.

2. Message construction – Make sure to identify yourself and your agency, date and time of the call, nature of the call, area affected, action to be taken (if any) and where your community may access more information if needed.

3. Use email/text/mobile apps/social media– Be sure to take advantage of all the communications tools in your CodeRED tool kit. Utilize the CodeRED system capability to launch notifications through text message, email, smart phone app and social media.

4. We’re here to help – The ECN Client Support team continues to provide live support and is available for you 24/7. If you lose power or do not have access to launch a call, call us at 866-939-0911 for immediate assistance.