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Improve business continuity by creating a culture of preparedness

Are You Ready ?A culture of preparedness can make or break your business in time of crisis. However, establishing one is easier said than done. In trying to provide everyone with all the information they need you can easily overwhelm your team with information. If this happens to you, it could be your methods are out of step with your existing corporate culture.

Corporate culture is comprised of the beliefs, attitudes, values and other elements that give your organization its unique personality. Some businesses are conservative, others are edgy; some are casual, others more formal; some are communicative; others keep communication to an efficient minimum. The fact is, every company is unique and that uniqueness is fundamental to corporate culture. To build a truly effective business continuity plan, you must understand what is important to your company, culture-wise, and expand it to one that values preparedness.

How do you determine corporate culture? How can you then use that information to incorporate preparedness into it? Find out with the latest webinar, Keys to Creating a Culture of Preparedness, and its accompanying brief. In the webinar, recognized business continuity experts provide tips in identifying your organization’s culture and show how to adapt your BC/DR plan to work with that unique personality.