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Improve disaster response with emergency notification

BlogpicWildfireWhen your organization experiences a disaster it sets off a chain of events. Questions fly and confusion runs rampant. Questions come not only from those directly involved in the event, but their families and friends, the press, regulators, shareholders, business partners and others. You need to provide answers before someone else does, because let’s face it—in today’s world of social media, any event, no matter how small, can quickly become big.

Fortunately, there are lessons we all can learn from disasters that have gone by, whether they were handled smoothly or whether a lack of proper communication escalated the situation rather than calmed it. By studying these lessons you can prepare a plan that will serve you in the event of a crisis.

Start by asking questions like: Do you know how to reach everyone you need to in a crisis? Do you have a way of reaching their families if necessary? Do you have a way to keep contact data up to date? Does your current team have the emotional resources to respond to a barrage of questions while they are dealing with a threat?

Fortunately, there are time-tested practices for managing information in the aftermath of a disaster that can actually aid in business recovery, reputation management and brand protection. Learn how you can prepare for the inevitable deluge of calls, emails and texts and ensure your staff has both the knowledge and emotional restraint to respond properly in this webinar and accompanying brief.