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Improve Your IT Incident Management

How IT Incident Management Can and Should Be Supported with a Foundation of Automated Notifications

One of the most significant challenges in terms of IT incident management today has to do with the growing complexity of the environments themselves. As more and more mission-critical systems move into the cloud, the demands placed on IT managers have never been higher. These hardworking professionals are being asked to accomplish more with less on a regular basis, which itself becomes a major problem when disaster (as it often does) strikes.

In some ways, the solution to these issues is clear – IT professionals need a way to quickly, accurately and concisely communicate essential information to people at a moment’s notice. But what, exactly, is the best way to do that?

This problem has led to many unfortunate trends in the industry today. Many companies make the mistake of assuming there is a one-size-fits-all solution to automated notifications of this type. This fails to acknowledge the fact that every organization is different.

Those who manage to circumnavigate this challenge may wind up with a notification solution robust enough to meet their needs, but deployment leaves a lot to be desired. Far too many companies end up trying to force fit a notification solution on top of an existing tool or set of best practices for IT incident management and escalations. What this perspective fails to realize is that these are NOT two different systems – they can be (and should be) two parts of the same whole.

As technology continues to advance, the types of systems that we rely on daily tend to grow complicated at the same time. This, unfortunately, means that IT incident management will also grow more complicated as time marches on. This is perhaps the most important reason why automated notifications are so important – it’s a technique as malleable as the challenges you’re facing, always allowing you to get the right information to the right people at the right time regardless of the way that circumstances are changing around you.

A truly robust (and valuable) automated notification solution won’t just make it easier to monitor systems and processes – as the name suggests, it will largely do this on your behalf. Therefore, companies must choose a solution that has been built with their own organization – along with their employees and their associated workflows – firmly in mind.

When pre-determined events happen, businesses should have a system in place to automatically alert the appropriate staff all while considering whether they’re on duty, if they’re out of the office, and more. This puts all IT professionals in a better position to fix small problems now before they have a chance to become much bigger and more expensive ones before you know it.

It is in every organization’s best interest to choose a solution that is robust and full-featured, yes – but it also needs to be flexible enough to support not only the way you like to work but why you like to work that way. Only this type of automated notification solution will be able to both mitigate risk and will prove its worth at every level of an enterprise, increasing productivity and efficiency across the board.

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