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Informing residents with CodeRED during lightning strikes

Severe-Weather-Alerting_-Storm_-LightningAlthough chances of getting struck by lightning are slim, July is the month when the most lightning strikes and lightning related deaths occur, according to CNN. Your community can protect themselves and their loved ones if they know what to do when they see lightning or when they hear thunder as a warning. Since it is nearly impossible to predict when or where lightning will strike, it is important to inform residents when a severe storm is coming their way, so they can be prepared for the lightning that follows.

Once the National Weather Service issues a severe weather alert, notify your residents to take necessary precautions. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is a powerful tool to notify community members and visitors on their smartphones, if they are within the geographic area of your warning radius. Anyone who has downloaded the CodeRED Mobile Alert app will receive an emergency alert for their area, which will be beneficial to their location even if they are not in their home.

In the message, be sure to include a warning to residents suggesting they stay inside or find a car to seek shelter in order to stay safe. Additionally, suggest an alternate option to safety if residents are in open areas. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) encourages citizens in an outdoor area to crouch down near the ground to stay low with minimal contact. In your CodeRED message, alert residents to avoid lying down outside, because lightning currents can be deadly even on the ground. Most counties or cities also leave a number at the end of the message for residents to call for storm damage or emergencies assistance.

If an outdoor event or organization is taking place during the time of a severe thunderstorm, your mass notification system can be used to announce the locations of shelters where participants and visitors can stay dry and away from harm.

At Emergency Communications Network, we suggest all clients urge their residents to register for your mass notification system to ensure safety around the community.