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Introducing SWN Direct: A Revolutionary New Mobile App for Recipients

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“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” That quote by innovation consultant, John Emmerling, rings true for us here at Send Word Now. Combining new ways of looking at the world with a passion for purpose has helped us fuel a number of industry “firsts” over the years. And now, thanks to the valuable feedback and interactions with so many of our customers, the legacy of innovation continues with our exciting new release of SWN Direct.

SWN Direct, a groundbreaking new mobile app for urgent corporate communications and collaboration, utilizes IP networking end to end for the rapid, secure delivery of voice, text and files seamlessly to the recipient mobile devices anywhere in the world. Amazingly, users know in advance what percentage of their recipient target audience is reachable, or “on-net,” before they communicate. And, through Send Word Now’s integrated Get Word Back feature, users can get the feedback they need for immediate, appropriate action and ultimately, successful recovery.

The newly released SWN Direct app includes four key features: SWN Express Messenger, SWN Express Voice, SWN LockBox and SWN One-Click Connect.

SWN Express Messenger is an SMS alternative that delivers two-way, high capacity, encrypted, rich-text capable alerts directly to the app with return receipts, delivery scheduling and real-time message “vanish.”

SWN Express Voice offers fully integrated and richly featured voice and call conferencing services via SIP/RTP over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It lets you bypass traditional phone networks to join conference calls directly from voice alerts (simply press “1”), plus avoid variable usage fees – a major cost savings for any organization.

SWN LockBox allows administrators to send encrypted files directly to the recipient’s device with version control, auto-sync and built-in audit reports. Documents are accessible even when users are offline and there is no data available data connection.

SWN One-click Connect provides for a one-touch voice connection via Wi-Fi, cellular data or PSTN to Send Word Now’s 24x7x365 Customer Support Center, voice alert mailbox or Send Word Now’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service platform. Customers may use this service when traveling abroad, ultimately avoiding paying expensive phone charges when accessing the service.

According to Alex Tsepetis, Send Word Now CTO, the company decided to take a dramatically different approach with its new product. In a nutshell, the solution is neither dependent upon third-party applications or providers, nor is it brokered by push notification or any other intermediary systems.

“Our customers have told us they want an innovative mobile platform for communicating across the enterprise, and we listened,” said Tony Schmitz, Send Word Now President and CEO, in a recent, company-issued press release. “Building on our deep understanding of technology, SWN Direct delivers a revolutionary set of recipient mobile-oriented tools for voice, text and file delivery for a much lower total operating costs than previously available.”

The app is currently available on iPhone® mobile devices. Other mobile operating systems will be added in July of this year.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn more. Download Send Word Now’s latest White Paper, Five Key Problems With Using SMS for Emergency Notification, visit the SWN Direct page of our website, or request a no-obligation, online demo of the all-new app. _