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Is emergency notification more than just a one-trick pony?

When you mention mass notification, most people think it’s used only by very large companies or government agencies—and only in cases of dire emergency. The fact is that automated mass notification is used for non-emergencies almost every day.

Take the example of Fusco Personnel, a job placement firm in New York. The company works with clients and candidates to provide highly qualified personnel at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. To do this, they must act quickly. When the recruitment staff gets a call from a client stating that they are ready to hire or that they need temporary help, the wheels are set in motion. The recruiters sift through an extensive database of known candidates checking for necessary education levels, training, experience, competencies and availability.

Sometimes, as in the case of nursing staff or customer service representatives, a client may need to fill many positions quickly. Before adopting automated notification, recruiters would start dialing each of those candidates, providing details to those they could reach by phone and leaving voicemail for those they couldn’t. A flurry of return calls would then ensue, with recruiters both calling and answering calls, sometimes for hours. Often highly qualified candidates were away from their phones for a day or two and would end up missing out on great opportunities.

With automated notification, when recruiters get a call that a client needs a qualified candidate, they quickly send an automated message to any number of applicants in their database, whether 30 or 300, at once. And this takes place without stopping recruiters from doing other important tasks. You can read more about how Fusco Personnel benefits from this non-emergency in this recent article by San Diego Business Journal, or download the case study. Find out how one company can use notification at every level with our fun new video!