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Is Your Company’s Crisis Communication at Risk?

In a crisis, communication is essential to keep employees, customers, residents and stakeholders aware and up to date on steps being taken towards resolution.

As part of a comprehensive enterprise risk management program, communication is critical, both internally and externally.

For businesses needing comprehensive crisis communication and risk management platforms, two leading companies have come together to create seamless, intuitive tools to help respond to critical events.

OnSolve customers are able to integrate the Connector Series from Fusion Risk Management with both MIR3 and Send Word Now mass notification systems. The Connector Series allows companies to synchronize data and track communications within the award-winning Fusion Framework® System, leveraging the capabilities of a comprehensive risk management software with leading mass notification solutions.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Today, organizations face mounting threats from cyber-attacks to natural disasters. Understanding these threats, developing procedures and deploying them is the heart of enterprise risk management. Companies today need robust policies and procedures to define clear roles and responsibilities for their staff should an incident occur.

Once an incident takes place, business continuity management is quickly activated. Pre-defined procedures, designed to ensure organizations continue to operate with minimal loss, are executed. When these plans are performed successfully, they can ensure an organization, its operations, systems, data and brand can survive.

Business continuity management focuses on preparing an organization so they can continue to operate in case of serious incidents and is able to recover to an operational state as quickly as possible. When an incident occurs, like a cyberattack or natural disaster, it’s also about the assessment of the situation and the deployment of solutions in the right sequence to ensure that continuity can be maintained and the impact is minimized.

Communicating in a Crisis

When an incident occurs, communication plans need to be in place to make business continuity effective. That’s where OnSolve comes in.

OnSolve’s suite of cloud-based services allows for immediate communication to employees, customers, residents and stakeholders during critical risk events. Delivering the right information to people quickly and accurately is essential for businesses and government agencies to inform people regarding the incident, its scope, actions they must take and remediation efforts.

With OnSolve, companies and agencies are able to issue emergency alerts and mass notifications securely, quickly and virtually to any device globally. Individuals receiving alerts can plan for incidents, take immediate action or respond accordingly. Communication allows for transparent distribution of information when needed to help keep crises under control, improve decision-making and mitigate losses.

The Connector Series from Fusion Risk Management for OnSolve helps improve outcomes and is built for scalability, flexibility, and security. Among the key features are:

  • Data integration across both systems, reducing the need for manual contact and group data management. Contacts are synced across the two systems.
  • Communication plan mapping and record-keeping that creates a single resource to monitor communications and manage messaging.
  • Intuitive design that uses drag-and-drop, plug-and-play functionality without extensive additional training.
  • Fully encrypted transactions.
  • ‘Single pane of glass’ control that gives you a comprehensive, real-time perspective on command and control of business continuity.
  • Extensive third-party security reviews, including penetration testing, manual code review, and static code analysis.

When it comes to risk management, keeping the lights on and systems running is essential. Communication surrounding the issues, responses and actions is critical to its success. With the Connector Series from Fusion for MIR3 and Send Word Now, customers have access to a seamlessly secure integrated platform to do both.