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IT incident management in hindsight

When Hurricane Sandy interrupted businesses across the eastern seaboard just days ago, you can be certain that IT departments were kept busy around the clock trying to keep systems up and running, protecting hardware from surges, guarding critical data stores and watching out for the well-being of their fellow employees. And although most companies took steps to be prepared ahead of time, a storm this powerful has an impact, no matter how prepared a team may be.

As things begin to settle and the waters recede, many IT professionals are already reviewing where their strategies were strong and where they need bolstering. If communication is one of the areas where your team fell short, take another look at your notification solution—whether that includes pagers, email, phones, SMS or a fully automated notification solution—and ask if it did everything you expected.

  • Did the solution help you meet the team’s quality initiatives?
  • Did it take into account workflows so you could rely less on manual intervention?
  • Was your solution reliable, fast and efficient?
  • Could you easily reach the people you needed to, no matter where they were?
  • Could you target your messages to just the staff on duty or on call, letting others on the team rest up for when you needed them?
  • If systems were down and phones weren’t working, did you have alternate ways of delivering an important message?

Hopefully your department and your business made it through the storm without too many major interruptions. And if your notification system performed poorly, now is the time to seek out a better solution. Learn what to look for and how to best use it from our latest brief, Notification: The Secret to Effective IT Incident Management. Download the brief today for tips on maintaining schedules, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and meeting all-important SLAs.