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It’s wildfire season—get your mass notification system ready

BlogpicWildfireHarsher than average conditions—droughts, dry fuel and little to no relief in the forecast—mean that the end of 2015 will see a significant risk of wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest.

2014 data shows more than four million acres of wild lands burned, with the same or more predicted for this year.

Wildfires can occur at any time, which means of course it’s wise to prepare.

Here are some tips we released a couple of years ago that are still relevant today:

  • Be ready to alert your people. Your BC/DR plan should include a mass notification solution that lets you communicate with employees, partners and customers, even if phone lines are taken down by fire.
  • Prepare messages ahead of time. Don’t get caught trying to craft a meaningful message in the middle of a crisis.
  • Reach people wherever they are. Modern mass notification solutions let you send messages that will reach anyone, anywhere—no matter what kind of communication device they are using.
  • Target alerts by location. Remember to send messages to just your people that could be impacted by a fire. Don’t distract those who are nowhere near the path of danger. (Most mass notification software has this feature built-in.)
  • Make sure your contact data up-to-date.Check your recipient lists before disaster strikes to make that all is up-to-date. When a fire threatens, you’ll know that alerts will be delivered to the right person on the right device.
  • Train your people and test your systems. Rehearse with your team so they know to react swiftly if they get an alert. Make sure they know how to respond.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Don’t forget to simulate an evacuation at least once a year.

Planning now to resume operations as quickly as possible after a wildfire disrupts your business—including making sure you’re covered if you need a mass notification system—will help you get things on track that much faster when the worst happens.

Find out how mass notification can save lives with 10 Tips for Wildfire Season.