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Keep energy flowing with mass notification

EnergyManaging the networks that distribute gas, oil, coal and electricity is complicated to say the least. If systems fail, the damage and the associated costs could be catastrophic.

For that reason, energy producers, suppliers and the businesses that work closely with them must at all times balance their commitment to employees, to public safety, to environmental stewardship and to regulatory compliance.

That’s a tall order. Wise use of mass notification, however, can help fulfill those commitments—even in the face of unexpected interruptions.

Here’s how smart energy producers use mass notification to keep energy flowing:

  1. Security alerts. If a security breach is discovered, use mass notification to alert to all personnel—no matter where they are—and make it harder for an unauthorized intruder to escape the premises.
  2. Evacuation management. Use mass notification to alert everyone at a job site or facility of dangerous situations like gas leaks or chemical spills; request responses to instantly learn which employees need help.
  3. Updates to staff in the field or to neighboring communities. Send important messages via voice, text, and email.
  4. Executive updates. Take control of communications during a crisis by using mass notification to update executives around the world on potential impacts to your operations.
  5. Advanced notice of outages. Use mass notification to alert customers of impending power disruptions; repeat the alert until recipients acknowledge receipt.
  6. IT alerts. A notification system can alert your technology staff and get things fixed quickly when IT systems lag—and before downtime causes costly delays.
  7. Weather news. If you have facilities located in areas prone to hurricanes and other severe weather, use mass notification to keep everyone at your facility in the loop when environmental events threaten.
  8. Supply and demand information. Consider using mass notification to give suppliers a heads-up when anticipated demand is expected to exceed supply.
  9. Calls for emergency staffing. Alert on-call staff when replacements or extras needed, requesting that anyone who is available prepare for work.

Today’s smart energy producers and utility companies rely on mass notification systems to help keep energy flowing safely and securely. For more ideas, download our Intelligent Notification for Energy data sheet.