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Keeping Black Friday Shoppers Safe with the Right Mass Notification System By Your Side

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means Black Friday is right around the corner.

According to a recent study from The Balance, Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day of the year with 101.7 million reported shoppers in 2016. Unfortunately, with the crowds come the risks of negative incidents.  When you consider the volume of theft that happens, with the damage to stores and assets, you’re looking at an incredibly volatile situation that must be contained through proactive measures and immediate communication.

Mass notification systems like CodeRED are one of the most effective ways to manage these situations. These mass notification systems can be incredibly valuable for keeping people safe on Black Friday for a range of different reasons that are worth exploring. Let’s look at a proactive approach.

A Proactive Approach to Black Friday Safety

If there is one hard and fast rule in the world of retail, it’s the fact that “the total number of shoppers” and “criminal mischief” have a proportional relationship. As one of those numbers increases, so too will the other. CodeRED can be used to send out practical safety tips to shoppers in a targeted area throughout the weekend, and more generally surrounding high travel periods. Here are a few strategic ways to utilize your CodeRED system:

1. Protect shoppers

  • “Do not place valuables or gifts in plain sight while leaving your vehicle unattended”
  • “Always lock your car doors and park under a well-lit area”
  • “Stay alert and aware of suspicious activity and report it to your local police immediately”

2. Protect travelers

  • Caution residents to refrain from posting anything about their travels on social media as thieves will regularly scan such resources in a search for easy marks
  • Encourage residents to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert App to keep them informed if they’re traveling to another city that is a CodeRED subscriber

3. Market your system

  • Utilize this busy traffic time to engage with your community and educate them on the CodeRED system by attending events, putting up signs, or having a registration booth set up near Santa
  • Ask businesses to hand out CodeRED business cards to shoppers when they get their receipts
  • Build a social media campaign around holiday events and make sure to mention CodeRED and how residents can sign-up
  • Purchase a shot radio ad on a local Christmas music station quickly explaining the benefits of CodeRED

Regardless of the technique you use, actions need to be taken to build registrations, and maximize the reach CodeRED has within your community. Using Black Friday as an opportunity to build your CodeRED system helps construct a stronger foundation to which you can use all year — from hurricane season to that next winter storm, and everything in between.

Need more inspiration on how to market your CodeRED system? Download our “Increase Enrollment Tips” sheet in your CodeRED Resource Library