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Keeping your financial institution fluid with mass notification

Piggy bankThe regulations and rules of transparency—like those detailed in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act—have grown increasingly stringent in recent years. As a consequence, banks, investment firms and other financial institutions have found themselves increasingly challenged by requirements to scrupulously guard the privacy of their clients.

One powerful tool that can help institutions protect sensitive information—even in the middle of a crisis? Mass notification.

Here are seven ways that financial institutions can use mass notification to protect business assets when something goes wrong:

  1. Security alerts. Use notification to discreetly send an alert to all personnel in case of an unauthorized intruder, making it that much more difficult for someone to escape without notice.
  2. Evacuation management. Mass notification software can be used to alert staff in a bank or facility of dangerous situations, directing them on exit procedures for themselves and visitors.
  3. Requests for extra staff. Imagine a fiber optic cable were accidently cut by a construction worker… Mass notification would be an easy way to summon extra staff to help with manual processes.
  4. IT alerts. In an industry where downtime can compromise security, using notification software to alert support staff when IT systems lag could be the difference between recovery and a breach.
  5. Damage assessments. After a natural disaster or severe weather, use mass notification to check in with various branches to assess damages, and to notify emergency responders if necessary.
  6. Investor updates. Notification can help alert shareholders when online resources become available, privacy policies are updated, or strategic corporate decisions need to be communicated quickly.
  7. Call center communications. When you need to reach call center employees where access is limited and unsecured email or phone lines are prohibited, mass notification can make the task much easier.

Mass notification can be a valuable tool to enhance communications and increase resiliency if your financial institution suffers an interruption. For more ideas, read Intelligent Notification for Financial Services.

Looking for the best mass notification system? Download the Automated Notification System RFP Template.