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Key Advantages of Emergency Mass Notification Systems for Message Delivery

Communication and immediate, accurate information are critical when emergencies occur.

In fact, anything from a mere disruption to an urgent event can snowball into widespread crises when those who are impacted don’t know what is happening or how to respond.

This is where emergency mass notification systems (EMNS) play a vital role. Capable of quickly sending out urgent messages to many parties across various channels, EMNS can be invaluable when it comes to:

  • Keeping people informed so they know what to do during emergency events
  • Reducing panic and minimizing the negative impacts of emergencies.

Clearly demonstrating this, the following discusses a general case study based on an actual event that occurred in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2018. It elucidates:

  • How a minor problem quickly escalated into a widespread catastrophe
  • The indispensable advantages EMNS can offer in addressing urgent issues and minimizing their potential negative impacts.

Case Study: 3 Key Benefits of Emergency Mass Notification in Urgent Situations

An enterprise business located in the UK recently let one of its software certificates expire. This relatively and seemingly minor issue quickly escalated, causing a service interruption for many of the company’s clients.

Benefit 1 – EMNS Can Prevent a Triggering Event from Escalating into a Bigger Problem.

In this situation, an emergency mass notification system could have been configured to alert key staff about the expiration of the software certificate as soon as it happened. This could have galvanized the necessary staff to update the certificate as soon as possible, preventing the issue from escalating into service interruptions for clients.   Effectively, this shows how EMNS can quickly alert key people when a triggering event occurs, prompting immediate attention and faster resolution while preventing the situation from escalating.

Those who were impacted by the outage experienced everything from a minor inconvenience and frustration to loss of time and money. In some cases, the impacted parties had to expend additional resources and money to recover from the damage caused by lack of service.

Meanwhile, the company invested its own resources and funds to investigate exactly what happened and implement the necessary protocols and tools to minimize the risk of such a catastrophe in the future.

Benefit 2: EMNS Can Save Everyone Involved in a Crisis Time & Money

EMNS could have been used to alert clients about the issue at hand and what to do as staff formulated a resolution. This could have helped the clients anticipate the potential loss in service, empowering them to work around the disruption in a way that minimized the impact.

Similarly, the company would not need to expend additional resources to investigate this incident if they had used EMNS to inform staff of the issue as soon as it occurred (so staff could then address and curtail the issue in its earliest stages).

While the company claims to have restored service to all clients within a day, the impacts of the service interruption are ongoing. In fact, many of those affected are considering taking legal action, seeking compensation for the financial losses they suffered due to the outage.

Benefit 3: EMNS Can Save Professional Reputations & Preserve Clients’ Trust in a Business.

Had EMNS warned the company’s staff and clients as soon as the issue arose, all parties could have mitigated the potential impacts and losses. Instead, the company is facing legal action and a tarnished reputation. This highlights how EMNS can help preserve a business’ public image, which can be pivotal to growth and long-term success.

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