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Key Benefits of Involvement in a Business Resiliency Community

3 Minute Read

In 2014, there will be an estimated 1.97 billion users of social media worldwide who access social media at least once a month according to a recent study from eMarketer. This is a testament to our desire for connection. We crave community. We use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to look for others with similar styles, desires, interests and backgrounds, and we use those connections to create social subgroups. A place to connect on a more meaningful level.

At Send Word Now, we have an emphasis on community. Community offers a support system with three key benefits: Communication, Collaboration, and Connection.

Communication – Get the help you need when you need it, with live 24x7x365 customer support. Learn best practices from our monthly newsletter and blog posts like this one. And, don’t forget our regularly scheduled webinars on a variety of notification-related topics.

Collaboration – Learn more about best practices through continuing education forums. Ask questions and post ideas in our online Customer Support Community.

Connection – Share in the experiences of others through opportunities like Send Word Now’s 2014 Global Alert Conference. Scheduled for October 7-8 in New York, you can join discussions, collaborate with other Send Word Now users and network with like-minded business professionals with a focus on business resilience. Watch for future details on how to register for this important event.

Being a part of a resiliency community certainly extends beyond having a good relationship with your emergency notification provider. But it is a good start. Communicate, collaborate and connect with Send Word Now and others on your business continuity “team.” Everyone will reap benefits from the mutual exchange of ideas and learning. It’s what community is all about. _