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Know the Seven Deadly Sins of Emergency Notification

Getting caught in an emergency situation without a solid and well-thought-out plan puts stress on your residents and employees.

Every moment matters in a crisis, and you need to help your staff react as professionally and promptly as possible. Avoiding common mistakes through preparation and follow-through will help make your emergency communication strategy more resilient — allowing you to keep people safe during a crisis.

Download the Seven Deadly Sins of Emergency Notification to avoid common mistakes.

Threats to life and property, both manmade and natural, are around every corner these days. From shootings to bomb cyclones and mudslides, it’s especially important that government entities are able to keep a tight handle on communications during a time of crisis. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

Failing to make users aware of your crisis communication method or system

When a disaster strikes, it is not the time to begin deciding on internal or external communications around your notification system. Instead, proactively communicate with various departments before you are faced with a crisis. Pay particular attention to your IT and operations department, as these are often the individuals involved in business continuity strategies. Make sure residents are aware and enrolled in communication systems that will be used.

Not considering the diverse nature of your community and/or workforce in your plans

Having a way to target multilingual alerts to specific geographic areas provides you with a mechanism to reach the broadest audience in the shortest amount of time. Online updates can also allow contacts to select the language in which they would like to receive notifications.

Excluding travelers and mobile workforce

Email, SMS text and phone calls are still effective, but when travelers are in the field a mobile alert may be the quickest way to deliver a secure and relevant message. Research mobile applications that send push notifications to subscribers, whether they are in your database or not. For example, the CodeRED Mobile Alert app sends active alerts to subscribed visitors as soon as they enter your jurisdiction.

Additional tactics can be found in this free download!  This will help your agency stay safe in the event of an emergency. You can’t plan when a crisis will occur, but you can bet that at one time or another, your community will be impacted. Don’t let your organization be caught without a full notification strategy in place at all times. Provide your team with the confidence of knowing that they are able to quickly and efficiently contact your audiences.

Article Download Seven Deadly Sins of Emergency Notification

Seven Deadly Sins of Emergency Notification

Download The Crises typically occur just when you least expect them; unfortunately, many organizations are not fully prepared to communicate...

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