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Large Tornadoes Roll through Dallas-Ft. Worth

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Two tornadoes touched down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area today, collapsing roofs, tossing tractor trailers, grounding planes and damaging about 500 structures. The National Weather service reported that the tornado south of Fort Worth caused “considerable damage” near Cleburne. A tornado watch has since been put into effect until 8:00 PM as violent storms pass through the north-central and northeastern part of Texas.

David Magana, a spokesman for the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the eighth busiest airport in the United States, told CNN that federal authorities had issued a ground stop, meaning all flights headed to DFW have been held on the ground at their airports of origin.

Government officials reported that people have begun to call and check in to see if their relatives are safe. According to the Brownsville Herald, some individuals are turning to Facebook to communicate. Teresa Dowdey-Mckee, a former Brownsville resident, reported that her daughter posted on her Facebook wall that she, along with 1,000 other people, were safe in the basement of Grapevine Mall in Mesquite.

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