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Let the Games Begin!

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With just days left until the Olympics, everyone is anxiously waiting for the start of the games! Now that athletes and officials arriving in London, the city is sure to be buzzing with excitement and activity surrounding the events. Prepare for the crowds and heightened security as the 2012 London Summer Olympics draw closer.

_London has gone to great lengths to prepare for the Olympics and security will surely be heightened as the Olympic Flame and Olympic Torch Relay will also begin the seven-day journey through the host city today. The UK has had to deploy extra security staff for this event, as well as for athlete arrivals, with Heathrow Airport expecting its busiest day on July 24. The BBC reported that extra officers were deployed from eight UK forces to help with security for the Olympics. Just last week, an additional 3,500 troops were added to fill in holes in security protocols.

In addition to heightened security measures, an Olympic Route Network will be used to ensure that athletes, official, and the media arrive at venues on time. With 30 miles of London roads dedicated to these Game Lanes, this will start operation two days before the Olympics and continue for three weeks. Londoners can expect high congestion on the road and many closures, something that has upset them since its announcement in January.

To prepare yourself and your company, use resources, such as the website Get Ahead of the Games, which can be used before and during the events to track affected areas and how your travel plans might be affected. Make sure you have a system in place like Send Word Now that will help you communicate effectively and quickly with your employees once the game are underway.