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Looking Ahead: Incorporating Emergency Communications Into 2018 Planning

Protect your residents and your staff in 2018.

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate your emergency communication plan. Find out how emergency communications methods, such as public warnings, internal messaging, notification systems, and mobile apps, can protect your organization.

Necessity of Emergency Communications

During an emergency scenario, it is too late to coordinate the logistics of communications. This must be both established and practiced long before the need arises. Take the Super Bowl in 2014 against the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Prior to the pigskin extravaganza, six envelopes of white powder were received at hosting hotels near the football game.

Emergency officials across the board, from the local fire departments to the Bergen County Hazmat and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, dedicated full forces to the situation. The problem was as every organization was working on the faux anthrax case, there was a major lack of emergency resources available to securely coordinate the half a million fans entering the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. All of this was due to a lack of communication among government agencies on how to handle this emergency situation.

In this emergency or another like it, information needs to be transmitted in real time via an efficient communication method. This ensures that all vital agencies and individuals are kept abreast without diverting much-needed emergency resources from other areas. Having an emergency communication system provided by a company like OnSolve that offers comprehensive networks and notifications is a viable solution.

Emergency Response Benefits

The key to any emergency response system is to be accurate, reliable, thorough, and consistent with communications. Perhaps your organization is using a mobile app to communicate with communities about incoming super storms. Your agency may be in the market for immediate internal messaging for office staff. More often, organizations need a sole provider of mass communications in emergencies that includes external and internal audiences.

This communication system also needs to offer a variety of communication methods, such as landline, RSS feed, texting, and social media, in order to reach the greatest number of individuals in the least amount of time. Establishing an emergency response network that covers all of these bases ensures your organization is prepared and protected against the threats associated with disasters and disruptive situations.

Planning Ahead

As the new year is fast approaching, it is an instrumental time to set up an emergency communications system. While evaluating upcoming annual budgets, inner office transitions, and an organizational restart. Each of these elements factors into the successful implementation of an emergency response plan. However, there is another more pressing reason why your government agency needs to have a way to effectively notify staff and the public in 2018.

As of November 18, 2017, there were 394 mass shootings in the US. By the end of the year, we can expect that this number will exceed the 2016 total of 477 mass shootings. Along with these manmade emergencies and public crises, the US has experienced super storms of the catastrophic magnitudes. There was Hurricane Irma that devastated flood-ridden Houston followed by Hurricane Maria that totally wiped out Puerto Rico’s entire power grid along with four other major hurricanes resulting in a total 434 fatalities in the US alone.

When discussing the inevitability of disasters or the overwhelming destruction these have caused, there is little that can be done to prevent any of this from occurring. However, with preventative systems for emergency communications and response, there is the hope that more people can be prepared and saved from pending doom. Residents and staff prepare for emergencies with fire drills and survival kits, just as government entities need to prepare for proper communications.

Using a trusted, professional communication platform available by OnSolve offers the type of emergency services in demand. Prepare for 2018 by choosing mass notification software that’s right for your organization.

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