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Make the most of your mass notification system during hurricane season

Hurricane 1On the off chance that anyone had managed to forget Katrina, Sandy served as a wake-up call in 2012—hurricanes can unleash their tremendous force anywhere near the coast.

Fortunately, hurricane season has been slower than expected this year. It’s still important, though, to remember that the majority of named storms happen in the fall; careful preparation is in order.

And although you may have warning that a hurricane is on the horizon, it’s impossible to predict the effect one will have on your business. You can, however, mitigate damage and help keep people safe by communicating clearly when one happens.

That’s where a mass notification system can help.

Here are things you can do to prepare for the inevitable disruptions caused by violent storms. Take a look now so you can get the most out of your mass notification system when you need it.

  1. Develop clear channels of communication. You’ll need them to quickly assess damage and coordinate recovery. Use your mass notification system to alert colleagues, vendors, partners and customers who may be outside the hurricane’s path but will still be impacted by your business interruption.
  2. Gather the right contact data and keep it up to date. Your notification system is only as powerful as your database. Consider including contact email addresses, work and home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, home address, and more. Also think about including each person’s title, position, primary location, level of authority, department and duty shifts.
  3. Create an escalation plan. A crisis like a hurricane needs immediate attention from decision makers; mass notification will help implement your escalation process.
  4. Plan to bring the team together. Use your mass notification system to invite recipients to join a call, creating a virtual conference room in minutes. You’ll be better able to make critical decisions quickly and gain agreement on how to handle your emergency response.
  5. Educate your staff ahead of time. Train your personnel on how to use your mass notification system in the event of a hurricane so they can send and monitor alerts if necessary.
  6. Follow up after things have calmed down. A final message sent with your notification system once the situation is resolved will help refocus your staff on productivity.

Use your emergency notification system wisely to keep your business on track and your customers, vendors and employees informed, no matter what the weather.

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