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Making the case for automated notification in IT

Everyone from the CEO to the mail room wants the same thing from IT—quality services, delivered reliably. More and more that means that IT operations must rely on automated tools to support ITSM processes within the organization.

Let’s take a look at making the case for a robust, flexible and full-featured automated notification tool to increase efficiency.

Why automated notification? Some of the most prevalent tools help with incident tickets, helpdesk issues, and so on, but in many cases, multiple ITSM tools are used to address some of the same issues. Translation: there’s often overlap, but usually not in the right places.

For example, these solutions often include a manual notification stack that’s less than helpful. While manual notification solutions can help with service delivery, IT organizations typically don’t have the time to identify an incident, then manually launch notifications and monitor responses.

Automated notification, on the other hand, can do the job for you. When events happen, automated alerts are sent to the appropriate staff (taking into account whether they are on duty, on call or out of office), helping recipients quickly fix problems before they cause downtime or delays.

That’s important, because increasingly IT forms the backbone of a company’s ability to deliver products and services.

So when (not if) those systems fail, there is understandably an enormous sense of urgency around finding the cause of the system breakdown or interruption, coming up with a resolution and quickly communicating updates.

When something goes wrong, many people need to know about it—from the stakeholders who are affected by the disruption to the IT staff tasked with ending it. And while one-way and two-way paging have been in use many years—with, for example, rotational pagers one individual hands over to the next on-call staff member—today’s automated notification systems put yesterday’s technology to shame.

Automated notification is in many ways the evolution of the lowly pager—and with that evolution comes an increase in efficiency when trying to communicate quickly.

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